The Dance Families of the Forest of Dean



At 'Avan',  Hampton.   Left to Right : Amy Frederick (nee Hodges), Mary Ann Hodges (nee Dance), June Frederick, Edwin Hodges, Ernie Frederick. By 1914 Edwin and Mary had moved back to Hampton from Abbotsford and were living at "Questa", in Hampton Street when Edwin died. Edwin Hodges died here in 1918 and Mary Ann in 1920.












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Mary Ann Hodges (nee Dance) daughter of Edward Dance was born at Scowles,Coleford in 1849. She married joiner Edwin Hodges from Bristol in 1868 and moved there. They had 3 sons at Bristol, Edward 1870, Frederick William 1872, and Frank Victor in 1873. Their Bristol home seems to have been very popular with the Dance family as both census returns shows one or two of them staying. 

The Hodges family migrated on an unassisted passage to Hampton, Victoria, Australia on the Orient Line "SS Garonne" arriving in March 1882. 

Their daughter Amy Louise Hodges was born there in 1883. She married salesman Samuel E Frederick in 1911. They appear to have spent their lives at Abbotsford. Amy's only child June was born in 1913.


Amy Frederick (nee Hodges) & daughter June (bn 1913)




The house photo above was taken by my mum in 1988; it's the Abbotsford (Melbourne) address (12 Bath Street) where Edwin & Mary Ann Hodges lived in the early 1900's. I'm sure it's the same house that is captioned as being in Hampton on the fabulous Dance Photo Gallery website. I looked recently on Googlemaps satellite image and the house is still there. Mum always wondered if Edwin may have built it as that was his trade, but that's another research project for some other time. Lisa Brown









Edwin's death recorded in October 1918. The 72 year old was hit by a train at Linacre Road, Hampton railway crossing.




 'Avan' , Hampton St, Hampton, Victoria







Their eldest son Edward Hodges died when only 21 years old.

Builder Frederick William Hodges (1871) married Mary Bolwell in 1895. They settled near his parents' Abbotsford home.

Their address in 1903-1909 was 101 Stafford Street, Abbotsford.

He and Mary had three surviving children, Myrtle (1896), Andrew (1900), and Ruby (1904).

By 1914 Edwin and Mary had moved back to Hampton from Abbotsford and they were living at "Questa", in Hampton Street. On the 1914 voters list his son  Frederick William was also living back in Hampton at Orlando Street.

His son Andrew Hodges (1900) was a machinist. He and Doris Emma lived most of their married lives at 60 Sims Street, Sandringham.         



Frank Victor Hodges married Hotham, Victoria girl Annie Bolton (1875) at Abbotsford in 1893. They later moved to West Australia and he is shown on electoral rolls at Boulder, Kalgoorlie, working as an engine driver from 1901-1905. 

The 1916-1943 Cannington, Fremantle  records have his occupation as shopkeeper. Of six children, they had only two who survived to adulthood, Frank Arthur Hodges (1910), and Patricia Ann (1915).





This photo is of the store of the next generation Hodges; Frank Victor and his wife Annie (nee) Bolton. It was on the Canning Highway. Fremantle. My copy hasn't got the exact address or the date, it's probably about 1913 as the lad on the horse is Frank Arthur born 1910. I just included it as it's an interesting parallel with Fay's dad in retail in Yarri around the same time.   Lisa 




The Western Australian family of Mary Ann's son, Frank Victor Hodges, was who born at Bristol in 1873. He married Melbourne born Annie Elizabeth Bolton (1875) at Abbotsford in 1893.

The one of the lady with the boys had "to Annie Xmas 1922" written on the back. Fay

Mary Ann's Hampton funeral notice says "grandma of Myrtle, Andrew, Ruby, Frank, June, and Pattie (Western Australia)".


(1) Frank A Hodges & his Auntie Amy (Frederick). (2) June Frederick, Frank Arthur Hodges (son of Frank Victor, Amy's brother), Amy & Ernie Frederick.


This little lot of photos really bring those names to life, looks like a lovely atmosphere at Amy & Ernie's home!
It was great finding the images of the Hampton house; only a few weeks ago when I showed Mum the photo that turned out to be Abbotsford she described the Hampton house really well, she said "oh, I can still see it, the verandah went along the front and down the side and there was a bay window..." so as soon as I pulled out the pics numbered 80 & 81 I just held them up to her and she said "you know where that is!"
She has some very fond memories of visiting Amy & Ernie, it would have been through the 50s and 60s. I have had a bit of a google search but can't find anything yet about Ernie Frederick and his rose-growing, apparently he was a champion.
Fay, perhaps you would be able to have a look sometime in your Victorian BDM records for June Frederick; Mum thinks she never married, and if she was till alive now she'd be in her 90's?
I guess she has probably passed on. Young Frank in the photos is mine and Cori's grandfather.  Lisa




Mary Ann Hodges at Hampton and (2) June, Ernie, Amy, & Annie Hodges (wife of Frank V). Inscribed 'Avan' Hampton May 1931